How to Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring

There are many different reasons to choose vinyl plank flooring, whether you are a fan of the way it looks or simply feel like it fits your lifestyle the best. Vinyl plank flooring remains one of the most popular choices for homes, offices, business, and more.

However, many are unsure about the right steps regarding how to clean vinyl plank flooring. Here is some advice regarding how to clean vinyl plank flooring so that you can make sure your home or business looks as polished as possible.



Believe it or not, vinegar can help clean vinyl plank flooring. In fact, many homeowners use apple cider vinegar when deciding how to clean vinyl plank flooring. However, you shouldn’t use full-strength vinegar because it could potentially dull its finish.

One of the reasons that vinegar is so effective is because the acidity in vinegar is great at removing dirt, grime, and dust. One pro tip for those wondering how to clean vinyl plank flooring: diluted white vinegar can simultaneously clean your floor and disinfect it!

Choose Products Carefully

There are many homeowners that are used to using specific products or detergents, but vinyl plank flooring is different. You should go out of your way to find pH-neutral cleaners. While it might take some more time and effort, the truth is that bleach or ammonia could damage your floor permanently.

Use the Right Mop

A typical string mop isn’t that effective when it comes to understanding how to clean vinyl plank flooring. Homeowners should consider investing in a microfiber mop. Following a cleaning, remember to dry your vinyl plank flooring with a clean rag or towel once you are finished.

Sweep and Vacuum

If you want to know about how to clean vinyl plank flooring, the best advice is to sweep your floors every day. While it might seem like overkill, the truth is that your vinyl plank flooring could suffer from scuffs or scratches if you refrain from sweeping often.

If you have a deep scratch or scuff, you may even need to replace the plank at some point. There is the option of buffing a scratch if it isn’t that deep, and you may want to consider vinyl floor sealer after you wash your floor. Some jojoba oil or WD-40 could potentially work for repairing vinyl plank flooring scuffs, as well.


Everyone wants their vinyl plank flooring to last as much as possible, but this can’t happen if you don’t take the right steps when it comes to understanding how to clean vinyl plank flooring. If you want to keep your vinyl plank flooring clean, remember that it doesn’t react well with typical cleaning solutions and that you should take the time to sweep and vacuum the floor regularly.

Vinyl plank flooring is typically easy to maintain, but mistakes can affect its overall durability. It should also be noted that your vinyl plank flooring doesn’t typically need wax, although some homeowners do use it to clean their floors.