Can I Stay in My House During Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

Refinishing hardwood floors is one event that all homeowners who own beautiful wood floors may have to deal with at some point or another. No matter how well we take care of our precious floors, they will wear down which means a good refinishing session is in order.

How much thought do you need to put into refinishing your hardwood floors? One question you may have is, “can I stay in my house while the floors are refinished?” For one, keep in mind that it’s not the best idea to stay in your home during hardwood floor refinishing. We explain why in this blog.

Disruption to Home

One of the biggest aspects of refinishing floors is that there will be disruption to your home. The time it takes to complete can range from a day up to a week depending on the space and size of the project. This means you’ll have people shuffling in and out and making it inconvenient for you and your family to go about your regular routine.

In addition, unless you’re moving into a completely empty and unfurnished space, you should expect that furniture will have to be moved around as different areas of the floor are refinished. This could mean having everything moved out at once or into various rooms as the refinishing takes place. It’s much easier to give the professionals room to maneuver without you having to deal with the inconveniences.


Regardless of the type of finishing that is being applied, there will be fumes associated with it. Oil-based finishes have a stronger odor compared to water-based finishes. At Atlanta Floor One, we use certified and brand name polyurethane that have more tolerable fumes. However, for people with more sensitive noses, even these fumes can cause headaches.

It’s always best to avoid fumes whenever you can. Take some time to plan a staycation or visit family or friends to give you home some time to air out. When you return, it’ll be as if your floors magically restored themselves without you having to endure the process.


Dust is a side product of sanding. In recent years, sanding techniques and machines have improved in order to keep dust limited. Dust is not ideal for anyone, especially those with allergies. While you should expect some dust, at Atlanta Floor One, we contain as much dust as possible. We tape off areas, use the proper sanding techniques as well as newer, professional grade vacuums to ensure that we contain as much of the dust as possible. This makes the experience much cleaner.

Your Flooring Professionals

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