when should i restore or replace my hardwood floors?

You may have heard a lot of terminology when it comes to floors. Hardwood restoration. Hardwood replacement. Hardwood refinishing. Are these the same or different?  It may get confusing to keep these separate in your head. The question that a lot of people ask is, “when should i restore or replace my hardwood floors?” We’re here to explain the difference between a hardwood refinish and a hardwood restoration, so you know exactly what your floors need.

Hardwood Refinish

The first thing to know when it comes to a hardwood refinish is that it is a much quicker and simpler treatment for your floors. This method is used for hardwood that has seen minimal damage. This means light scratches, some wear and tear, or loss of the original sheen that it had when it was installed.

Refinishing can save you time and money while also getting your floors looking great again. The process involves using solvents to strip the floors before applying new layers of sealer and finish to get the hardwood looking good as new. This is a short project and only requires 3 to 5 days to finish, including dry time. It is also going to be easier on your wallet than a restoration due to the shorter duration as well as less labor involved.

Hardwood Restoration

A hardwood restoration isn’t a complete remodel of your floors. It can still involve taking your original floors and making them look new again, however you can also expect to see some replacement of floorboards if they are completely warped or damaged beyond repair. This method is used to fix damage and pertains to hardwood that has experienced major wear and tear including cracks, deep scratches, cracked wood, water damage, or stains.

You will want a professional working on restoring damaged wood because it is much more labor and skill intensive. A restoration could take up to two weeks to complete because it involves so many different tasks like stripping the floors, replacing or repairing wood, drying, etc. You can also expect a restoration to cost more than a hardwood refinish. This is because more labor is involved, and it takes more time to complete.

When to Refinish and When to Restore

A lot of factors go into whether you choose to refinish or restore your hardwood floors. For example, you may consider the age of the house and the floors as well as the time period when the floors were created. Different locations and times periods used different types of wood to build their homes. Something like oak can be easy to quickly refinish, while rare wood species like walnut or mahogany may need something more extensive.

In addition, you’ll want to take into account your own budget, time, and future plans for the home. A refinish may be all that’s needed to prepare it for the housing market whereas a restoration may not be worth the investment.

Your Flooring Professionals

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