main living room and stairs with recent dark brown hardwood floor installation

Taking on your new interior design project starts with the base—your hardwood floors. With so many colors and styles to choose from, how do you decide which one is the best for your home? From matching the style to creating the aesthetic, several factors come into play.

Here’s a comprehensive guide that goes over some of the most popular hardwood floor installation color options available:

Gray/Cool Tones

For the minimalist, lighter colors like white, gray, and pastels can help create a modern and minimalist look in your space. As a solid base that allows room to explore different decor styles, you can take the following interior design routes:

  • Contemporary
  • Scandinavian
  • Industrial
  • Soft and Inviting

Tan and Natural

If you want your home to feel like a cozy and inviting space your friends and family can enjoy, earth tones like tan and natural are the perfect options. This neutral color will work well with sage green, ivory, and beige, as well as other warm colors that create a homey feel.


As one of the safest and most neutral color options, brown is great for traditional homes. It can adapt to any decor or furniture you have in the room—from farmhouse to industrial—making it an ideal choice if you’re unsure which direction to take with your hardwood floor installation.

Stick with a classic to create a timeless look in your living space.


You’ve seen it in modern and chic interior design—black hardwood floors can give your home a sleek and clean look. Whether you want to go for a moody aesthetic or a maximalist one, black is a perfect choice as it allows you to explore different decor styles.

This hardwood floor installation choice is a daring decision that can make your home stand out and exude sophistication.

Red and Orange

For a warm and inviting feel, reds and oranges are great options. Mustards and ivories are particularly popular in this range, and they look great paired with warm tones like deep browns or beige for a more traditional look.

White Wash

The classic farmhouse look has become increasingly popular in recent years. With it comes white-washed hardwood floors which are the ideal choice for fans of this particular interior design style. They offer a timeless style that can provide an airy and elegant feel to any room.

No matter what color you decide on for your hardwood floor installation, understanding the style you’re aiming for can make all the difference. So take your time to find the perfect color that fits with your home and vision!

Install Your Dream Floor with Atlanta Floor One

At Atlanta Floor One, we offer an array of hardwood floor colors and styles to choose from. From classic color options like browns and grays to unique white-washed looks, our team can help you find the perfect style for your space. If you’re in Atlanta, we’d be thrilled to help you find the perfect color for your home.

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