5 Reasons to Choose Laminate Floors

With all the events that took place in 2020, it seems there’s a heightened awareness of the cleanliness of our homes.

As hygiene continues to be a major priority, especially in high traffic spaces like a bathroom, particularly now that most people are at home, bathroom tiles that are easy to clean and inhibit the growth of microbes should be considered when decorating your bathrooms this year.

Fortunately, with the right professional floor installers, the following bathroom floor tile ideas can help to achieve all that without sacrificing an ounce of style –

1. Hexagonal Tiles

These can be a suitable addition to your bathroom floor tile ideas, as they are durable and water-resistant. It brings a natural reference of honeycomb into our homes, as well as a fresh geometry to our bathroom floors. A great way to make a statement.

The best way to highlight the beauty of the hex tile is to decorate the bathroom in neutral colors and add a contrasting hexagonal tile in navy, black, dark grey, or any other color.

2. Wood Tiles

From wood-covered walls to floors and even shower spaces, wood is rather popular for bathroom décor. Wooden tiles are very trendy as they can give your bathroom a rustic look.

However, an issue with wooden materials in the bathroom, is that they can get damaged quite easily as the bathroom is a wet place. A way to curb this problem is to incorporate faux wood tiles into the bathroom décor, to make the space beautiful and bold without compromising its durability and functionality.

You can also use it to enhance your minimalist bathroom. This gives it an edgy contemporary look and can give your bathroom into that traditional spa vibe everyone loves.

3. Metallic Tiles

These tiles are deeply charming. They come in a range of enchanting tones and styles and add a shimmer to your bathrooms.

Metallic tiles give a modern and futuristic look to your space. They are also heavy and durable. However, these tiles come with a few challenges when used in the bathroom, such as rust due to oxidation in the humid bathroom environment.

It’s advisable to use a variety composed of stainless steel, as they can be quite resistant to oxidation, especially when it has not been mixed with any other alloy.

4. Graphic Tile Patterns

Graphic tile patterns are versatile and look good anywhere and everywhere, including the bathroom.  These tiles are especially effective when you want to make your bathroom eye-catching. It creates a 3D effect that instantly becomes the focal point of the space.

They give you a chance to tap into your creative side and come up with any pattern you want.

Nowadays, you can find a wide range of multicolored tiles featuring contemporary graphic designs to transform a bland bathroom space into a fun, playful, and welcoming environment.

5. Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are a great addition to your bathroom floor tile ideas. Just when it looks like subway tiles are leaving the station, they’ve managed to make a much-valued comeback in 2021, looking fresher than ever.

They are rectangular, brick-like tiles usually polished in ceramic and shaped to resemble those used in subway stations, hence the name.

They are traditional and bring a cozy, vintage feel to whatever space they are used in. Subway tiles are a good option for bathrooms as they are timeless, classy, and come in many styles.

Choosing the best tiles for your bathroom can be quite tricky, especially since there are so many options to choose from. Make the choice less challenging by choosing colors, textures, finishes, and shapes that are most suitable and go well with your bathroom space and décor.

So, options abound here. Choose one and make your new bathroom a reality.

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