Choosing new hardwood floors for your place comes with a lot of decision-making. Those choosing to go with engineered hardwood floors have already made an important first step! Engineered wood flooring is a great alternative for those wanting the look of classic hardwood without worrying about price or compatibility with the climate the home is located at. There are plenty of reasons to go with engineered flooring in your home- all that’s left now is to choose from the variety of available options of engineered hardwood.  

What is Engineered Hardwood Flooring? 

For a quick overview, engineered hardwood floors have been around since the 1960s and have seen many major improvements since. Unlike hardwood floors which are made of one solid piece of wood, engineered floors are created from multiple thin layers of wood combined to make a durable piece of plywood core with a thick veneer coating.  

Engineered hardwood flooring can look exactly like genuine hardwood but comes with its own unique benefits. Not only is engineered hardwood cheaper, especially for those who are determined to install exotic woods, it is also easy to take care of and its construction makes it less prone to warping from the effects of humidity.  

Qualities to Look for in Engineered Hardwood

So, what options do you have when it comes to choosing your new flooring? There are a number of factors to keep in mind.

Wood Types

The choices are endless when it comes to choosing your wood. You have options ranging from bamboo to mahogany. You can make your decision based on the look you want your home to have as well as what is functional for your daily life. We recommend choosing a more durable wood species if you’ve got a busy household or are prone to scratching and denting your floors. Woods like pine or Douglas fir can be just as beautiful but will need more maintenance if you have dogs running through the house or children who still play rough.

Number of Layers

Take into consideration the number of layers in the wood you choose. The more layers you have, the longer the floors will last. Most engineered hardwood can have anywhere from three to nine layers of ply making up the core. While plywood with more layers than this can cost extra, it might be worth it if you’re not looking to redo your floors again anytime soon.

Veneer Finish

The veneer is the top layer of the engineered flooring and can easily match your chosen wood color because it is also hardwood itself. There are different options for this when it comes to thickness. Engineered hardwood that has a thicker veneer can be refinished in the future if it takes some wear and tear over time.  

The final factor we ask you to consider is yourself. Choosing new flooring can be an exciting process. In the end, you want to end up with something that will keep you happy for years to come. Consider our advice when it comes to the variety of options and then go for what resonates with you.

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