How are hardwood floors installed?


Many homeowners can agree that flooring can boost the aesthetics of their homes. Your home flooring is not something you should look down upon. If you’d like a sturdy finish and classic retro appeal, a hardwood floor may easily top other types. Ever wondered how hardwood floors are installed? Are you considering a hardwood floor? Whether you want to do it yourself or simply get a sense of the professional process, you’re reading the right piece.


The preparation process

This involves making some crucial choices. Hardwood flooring is often more successful with proper preparation. What you go for will depend on your budget, design ideas, and the skills available.

Choose the type of tree

Hardwood may be sourced from a variety of trees. The red oak is a fantastic choice.

Pick your grain finish

This is heavily dependent on personal preferences.

Consider the form of hardwood to use

This will either be thick solid hardwood or the flat engineered kind. The latter is less likely to interfere with other home fixtures such as doors and easier to use and maintain.

Choose your finishing products and technique

You can opt for the pre-finished hardwood or the unfinished kind. For the latter, the finishing is done after installation.

Choose an installation technique

This will depend on the form and thickness of the hardwood used. The selected form of hardwood to be installed may be driven in with nails or stuck using glue. 

Read the product guide

The product will usually come with an installation guide. Reading this will offer valuable information.

Get the appropriate measurements

These would include the width of the individual planks, along with the width and length of the space to be floored.

Gather all the necessary gadgets/tools

You’ll need some glue, nails, a hammer, drills, measuring tape, a saw, and safety gear.

Prepare the base

The base is the subfloor. This should be level, clean, and dry. The smallest thickness permissible for the subfloor is a 3/4″ plywood sub-floor.

Lay down the new floor

The wood is then applied to the subfloor with either nails or glue. Begin the installation process along the longest wall. Make sure the edges are properly aligned.


Much like a garnish to a nice dish, do this for that attractive wood appeal. If you have chosen the pre-finished hardwood, you have a lot less to worry about at this stage. Simply dust off the dirt regularly. If not, apply the finishing product of choice and allow to dry. 

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