Hardwood Flooring vs. Laminate Flooring

Despite its name, hardwood can be prone to scratches and dings since it’s fabricated from a natural material. Even with a thick polyurethane coating, hardwood floors can be damaged more easily than most quality laminates. Because the process of creating a laminate floor component involves high pressure, the surfaces tend to be extremely hard and resistant to scratches and scuffs.

Repairability and Maintenance

Repairability and maintenance are other key concerns for wood flooring, as your floor will undoubtedly need repair or maintenance given the role it fulfills. Maintenance with both types is straight-forward, as routine sweeping or dust mopping is all that’s necessary under most circumstances to keep floors in good shape. Hardwood flooring is easy to repair; scratches and gouges can be sanded out and the finish reapplied seamlessly. Also, when the floor begins to show wear and age, hardwood can be refinished completely, providing the appearance of a new floor. Laminate flooring is different in this regard, as its floating nature makes it impossible to repair a single plank without removing sections of flooring. Also, it can’t be sanded since it’s not real, solid wood but rather layers of composite materials.  


Both types of flooring have tremendous longevity. Hardwood flooring can last for decades with proper maintenance and refinishing at the necessary intervals. Laminate flooring can include guarantees of up to 25 years, though laminate can’t be refinished and will wear out well before comparable hardwood flooring.

If you’re in the market for wood flooring, consider the differences between hardwood and laminate before deciding on a product. If you need help selecting the right flooring and having it installed, contact Atlanta Floor One at (404) 578-0926.