Tile floors can often look outdated if not properly cared for or maintained. And the risk of not caring for them extends beyond just looking old and can become a safety hazard like slipping on water damage or breathing in mold which can take a toll on your overall health.

With some simple tips, you can breathe life into your tile installation that’ll make it look like new. Here are five tips from Atlanta Floor One, tile experts in the area, on how to modernize your tile floor and keep it looking fresh.

1. Deep Clean Your Grout

As a sight for sore eyes, dirty grout detracts from the beauty of your tile and brings the look of your tile installation. You can fix this by following these simple steps:

  1. Pre-treating the grout with a solution of water and baking soda
  2. Scrubbing with an old toothbrush or nylon brush
  3. Rinsing with clean, warm water
  4. Sealing your grout to prevent dirt from getting into it

Otherwise, it could take away from the new look you are trying to achieve.

2. Change the Color of Your Grout

If you want to freshen up your floors without replacing them entirely, consider changing the color of your grout. A new hue can give life to old tiles and modernize them in an instant. Consider the following options:

  • White – brightens the room and gives a feeling of freshness
  • Gray – creates a neutral color palette
  • Black – adds contrast to your flooring

3. Restore Your Tile

Sometimes all you need is a good clean, seal, and polish to make your tile installation look like new again. This is not something you want to DIY as it requires the use of special equipment and products. A trustworthy floor company will offer tile restoration services that will bring back the shine and luster of your floors without having to replace them.

4. Replace Your Tile

If you’re looking for a full makeover, consider replacing your tile with something modern and stylish like:

  • Porcelain – durable and easy to clean
  • Glass – an elegant option with various colors and patterns
  • Vinyl – a budget-friendly way to update your floors

5. Opt for Neutrals

When in doubt, go neutral. A classic color like white, gray, or beige can give the illusion of space and provide a timeless look for years to come.

If you need help modernizing your tile installation, we know exactly who to call.

Modernize Your Tile Floors With Atlanta One

At Atlanta Floor One, we offer all the services you need to modernize your tile floors. From deep cleaning and color changes to restoration and installation, we have everything you need for stunning, modern tiles. We promise to:

  • Provide expert tile services
  • Use professional-grade products and equipment
  • Deliver quality workmanship

Let Atlanta Floor One help you make your tile floors look like new again. Contact us today for a modern tile installation!