How to fix Broken Bathroom tile

Broken bathroom tiles are not only unsightly, but they can also invite moisture, eventually leading to mold and erosion. There are different methods for repairing broken tiles. Before you get started, consider the following: are you working with ceramic tile or is it a stone tile like marble? is it a hairline crack that needs repair or do you need to replace an entire tile?

Bathroom Tile Minor Repairs

Depending on the damage and whether replacement or repair is necessary will determine the list of materials you will need. Many homeowners have found that it can be more cost-effective to have professional floor installers manage the repairs.

A small crack that leaves the tile still intact can be repaired with epoxy. You will need the following materials to make a crack repair:

  • Epoxy. Find this at your local home improvement store.
  • Paint that matches the color of the tile. You will need oil-based paint for this project.
  • A scraper, pair of gloves, stiff paintbrush, and a flat-sided stick.

Clear all debris from the crack with the paintbrush and follow up by washing the tile. Prepare the epoxy according to the manufacturer’s directions and apply the epoxy to the crack. You will need to use a flat end stick (looks like a popsicle stick) to fill the crack. Work quickly. Scrape off any residue.

Allow the epoxy to set for 24 hours, as per the manufacturer’s instructions. You may then paint the tile.

Bathroom Tile Replacement

When the damaged tiles are unsalvageable, the repairs are a little harder. This is usually the time when homeowners reach out to trusted professional floor installers to manage the project and help with bathroom tile installation.

Here is the materials list for replacing broken tiles:

  • A grout saw, hammer, chisel, and drop cloth
  • Matching tile. You will need a replacement tile or tiles that match your current flooring type.
  • Thinset mortar, grout, a grout float, and a damp rag

Many homeowners are overwhelmed by the materials required for such a simple repair, in which case they will reach out to professional floor installers to get the job done. It is a quicker and easier solution.

Tile Replacement Steps

Cover the tile with the drop cloth, then use the hammer to break the tile up. Once you have removed the parts of the tile that break away freely with the hammer, you can chisel off the rest of the tile.Use the grout saw to remove the grout, being careful not to damage the surrounding tiles.

Chip away the old tile bond. Clear away debris. Apply the thinset mortar and place the new tile. The thinset will need time to cure. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for curing time. After the thinset cures, you will use the grout float to apply the grout. Use a damp rag to wipe away excess grout.

Or The Easiest Way to Repair Bathroom Tile

When your bathroom tiles need repair, it’s time to call in professional floor installers. They have the skillset and the expertise to return your bathroom floor to like-new condition.

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